About Us

STUDIO 5 - Engineering and Architecture was founded in 2000, joining different expertise in both Architectural and Civil Engineering fields. During its activity, specializes in Structural Design, expecially due the competence of eng. Alessandro Gasparini, head of the professional studio since 2003. He is also contract professor at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering - University of Padua.
In last decade, Studio 5 specializes in seismic design of new structures and in seismic upgrading of existing structures, including both standard and strategic buildings as well as buildings with monumental and historical value (i.e. cultural heritage).
Alessandro Gasparini is teacher at courses organized by professional orders of architects and engineers in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The main issues were: seismic design, wood, masonry and reinforced concrete structures, and specifically in accordance with the Italian and European regulations.

Seismic retrofitting of La Fenice Theater in Venice.
Structural project of reconstruction of La Fenice Theater in Venice.
Consolidation and seismic retrofitting of Villa Valmarana ai Nani chapel (VI).
Structural project of renovation of the National Theater in Baku (Azerbaijan).
Static valuation of S. Michele Complex - ICCD (Rome).
New lifts block Procuratie Vecchie S. Marco (VE).
Seismic check of GAGGIA Pavilion - SS. Giovanni e Paolo hospital (VE).
Seismic check of NEURODERMO block - SS. Giovanni e Paolo hospital (VE).
Project of Seismic upgrading primary school "Zanella" (Trissino).
Extraordinary maintenanance and static renovation Ponte della Concordia in Valdagno (VI).